Tweeters Shared Insights On Dating After Divorce

Tweeters Shared Insights On Dating After Divorce Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanDating after divorce can be daunting to most folks.  . So many are worried that they have so little to offer.

No doubt you are selling yourself way too short with that negative thinking and the folks on  Twitter seem to agree.

On Tuesday, tweeters shared the things they’re looking for in a potential date using the hashtag #10thingsimattractedto. The big surprise? Most people were entirely reasonable about what they expect in a partner.

Here’s what they tweeted.  What are you looking for when it comes to a great date or potential mate?

  • Someone who isn’t afraid to show their emotions
  • A man with manners who treats me with respect
  • Guys who don’t cheat
  • Men who are good with children and animals
  • Combination of compassion, intellect, sense of humor and humility
  • Self respect, confidence, Intelligence, Honesty, Modesty, Ambition, Perceptive
  • Easy to talk to

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