Big Butts Are In – Here’s How To Achieve The Look

by Linda Franklin

Big Butts Are In - Here's How To Achieve The Look Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanRemember when we used to ask ‘does my butt look big in these pants’, hoping the answer was absolutely not?  Well now just the opposite is true.  Big butts are in.

A decade ago Jennifer Lopez was the only star revelling in having a generous derriere  — but now the red carpet is dominated by big-bottomed celebrities, including singer Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks and Kelly Brook.

A generous derriere is proven to have health benefits too.  A recent study by scientists at Oxford University showed that storing fat in your bottom, rather than your stomach, cuts levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and raises the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol that can prevent the hardening of arteries. Fat stored around the bottom acts as a ‘buffer’ to other dangerous fats, apparently.. 

If you want a perfect posterior, here are a few ways to get one (or at least look as if you have one). 

The Derriere Diet

You might think the fastest way to a big end is to eat more doughnuts, but you won’t build a firm and fabulous shape that way. Protein is essential for muscle growth, and bigger buttock-muscles mean a bigger, firmer bottom. 

‘Eat protein at every meal.  If you are training hard, it can be hard to get all the protein you need in one day. This is where protein supplements and drinks may benefit you.

Uplifting Underwear Or Padded Panties

You can cheat your way to a bountiful butt with uplifting underwear. Padded pants, with silicone or foam implants sewn into the back give you the extra va-va-voom. Check them out.

Fashion Tricks

Cosmopolitan’S fashion director Shelly Vella says: ‘This season abounds with clothes that flatter and flaunt. Even the peplum has made a return — drawing the eye to the hips and bottom.

‘Bandage-style stretch skirts are a gift. They lift, support and show off your bottom. High-waisted styles are flattering, worn with pretty blouses tucked in.

‘For a curvier rear, think waist. Nip it in and create contrast. . A Seventies flare or boot-cut jean flatters, but cropped Capri-style skinnies plus heels is a sure fire enhancer.

 If you want to look curvier, heels make you tilt your pelvis, so legs look longer and bottoms look bigger.’


You can lift and tone your way to a big, beautiful, super-perky bottom. New Yorkers are queuing up for ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ classes with celeb trainer Leandro Carvalhor. Former Olympian triathlete and trainer Tim Weeks also has tips for a firm behind. He says: ‘The glutes (the muscles that make up your bottom) are a woman’s most important muscles. They are vital for the health and strength of the whole body, especially your back.’

His top exercise for beginners is The Clam: ‘Lie on your side with your knees at 90 degrees to your body. Tighten the buttock muscles then open the upper thigh like a clamshell. You should only feel this in your bottom, not in the leg. Then move on to The Alphabet. Get on all fours, with the weight evenly distributed between hands and knees.

‘Lift one leg until it is in line with the back. Then with the toe pointing to the floor and your button muscles taut, “write” the alphabet in capital letters with your leg. 

‘This will tighten and lift your bottom for stronger muscles and a great look.’


Bye, bye, boob jobs — the latest in surgery is ‘butt job’. Silicone buttock implants or fat transfer with liposuction to reshape make the bottom look bigger and higher. Always remember that surgery is risky and why bother when there are safer ways to create the butt you want.

Why not try exercise and the padded panties to start.

The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. Linda Franklin says,”there is no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.



Big Butts Keep Real Cougars Healthy

Do you find yourself looking into the mirror and wishing your butt and thighs had a little less flesh on them? Well now instead of obsessing about it you can start appreciating it. Research has shown that the fat responsible for producing the pear shape body, displayed so beautifully by Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, may be helping to protect women from disease, especially Type 1 Diabetes.Ass

We've been hearing for a long time now that different fats affect our health in different ways. People with the apple shape, where fat is stored around the tummy, can be more prone to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those with pear-shaped bodies, where fat is collected in the buttocks, are less likely to have these disorders.

Researcher at Harvard Medical School,  Dr Ronald Kahn insisted that not all fat was bad for health.

"The surprising thing was that it wasn't where the fat was located, it was the kind of fat it was. Even more surprising, it wasn't that abdominal fat was exerting negative effects but that subcutaneous fat was producing a good effect".

So, no matter what shape you happen to be, the best way to remain healthy and vibrant is to exercise regularly.  Yes, just keep shaking your booty as much as possible.