Sharon Stone on Aging and Sexuality

by Linda Franklin

Sharon Stone on Aging and Sexuality Linda Franklin, The Real Cougar WomanSharon Stone has never been the shy type so when she talked about aging and sexuality now that she’s 55 I was curious to what she had to say.

And,  even at 55, she has  no problem attracting younger men in a town that worships youth.  She is not alone – women tell me the same thing all the time.  Older woman have a special je ne sais quoi that’s quite intoxicating.

“It’s not like fifty is the new thirty. It’s like fifty is the new chapter. We know so much at this age, and people realize we’re the ones with experience. We’re a very colorful generation that is leading once again.

People are afraid of changing; that they’re losing something. They don’t understand that they are also gaining something.

I thought I lost the deep vortex on my eyelid that you have when you’re younger, but I gained almost a kind of beautiful abyss. As I lost the fullness in my face, I got in these great cheekbones. I can’t tell you how many doctors try to sell me a facelift. I’ve even gone as far as having someone talk me into it, but when I went over and looked at pictures of myself, I thought, “What are they going to lift?”

Yes, I have come close – but, frankly, I think that in the art of aging well there’s this sexuality to having those imperfections. It’s sensual.”

I feel more beautiful and sensual today than I did at 22…older women turn me on”.

There you have it.  Love yourself no matter what age you are.  When you do – others will too.

The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. Linda Franklin says, ”there’s no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.

Relationship Success Requires 3 Basic Ingredients

by Linda Franklin

Relationship Success Requires 3 Basic Ingredients Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanThere are three basic ingredients needed to maintain a healthy relationship. Love is tough to come by and even tougher to hold on to.  Keeping a relationship fresh requires a strong commitment from both people involved, and making sure you don’t lose sight of the following.

1. Authenticity

Each person in the relationship need to feel they can be authentic. Trying to make yourself into what you think the other person wants never works long term.  Being fake is exhausting and over time you build up a huge resentment.  Respecting each other’s differences is essential to keep the love growing.

2. Expansion

Change is a given.  You are both going to change over and over again throughout the years..  Respect the changes, talk about the changes and don’t get stuck in the what was.  Give your partner space to grow and make sure they do the same for you.

3. Appreciation

Appreciating your partner for who they are seems to be the cornerstone for a happy relationship.  If your partner exhibits behaviors that really drives you crazy, before your pounce, take a deeper look.  More than likely they are hitting a sensitive nerve because whatever you don’t like in them is something you don’t like in yourself.

It’s important to remember that nobody is perfect – so don’t be so hard on yourself.  You will find that when you like yourself better you will be less critical of everyone around you.

The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. Linda Franklin says, ”there is no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.

The Real Cougar Woman Shares Her Secret For Happiness

LindaFranklin01a The Real Cougar Woman is celebrating the start of summer by taking time out for some personal reflection.  It is time to take inventory, in fact, it's long overdue. For the past couple of days I have been looking at the choices I have made and evaluating what's working and what not. 

To reflect effectively you have to get quiet.  It's impossible to do it when you are smack in the middle of your day-to-day craziness.  You know what I mean.  As women, we just keep trucking along regardless of how we feel.  There is a huge price to pay for not taking time out to re-evaluate. When we are at dis-ease we create disease which can manifest in many different forms.

It's easy to figure out what's working and what's not.  But, too often I forget just how easy it is

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The Real Cougar Woman: Linda Franklin’s Art Of Accepting We’re Less Than Perfect

The Real Cougar Woman, Linda Franklin, like all women, is in a constant struggle to appreciate how wonderful she really is.  It's difficult for us to settle, because we are always striving to accomplish the next goal.  We are so busy doing that we don't take the time to appreciate our many gifts – especially in the looks department. There is always something that's not quite right – our hair – a new wrinkle – that extra 10 pounds that makes us less than perfect. Instead of appreciating what we've got we concentrate on the flaws. 

Kelly Head Shot We're not totally to blame for being so tough on ourselves.  It's hard not to be when everything we watch, read and talk about is somehow focused around body image.  Over time we forget what's really important – who we really are.  That is why I want to introduce you to a lady that can help us get over our self flagelation, stop focusing on our perceived flaws and learn to appreciate what we've got. It's time to realize it's okay to be less than perfect.  

Her name is Kelly Falardeau and her life story is an inspiration.

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Real Cougars Love Gifts From The Heart

 Christmas kissing

As much as guys think they know us, they need help when it comes to giving their special lady a special gift. They don't realize it but the gifts we cherish the most are the ones given from the heart.  Small loving gestures that show us just how much we are appreciated.  

Here are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices cranking.

  • a very personal email three times a week just to say you are thinking of her
  • a note left in the morning telling her to meet you for a sexy rendezvous that evening
  • give up one Sunday afternoon football game and do something fun together
  • take over one of the household chores (you choose)
  • start taking better care of your health – join a gym – you get brownie points for that one
  • listen to her without trying to solve her problem – she loves knowing she's being heard
  • turn one of her sexual fantasies into a reality - how much fun would that be! 

These gifts from the heart will keep the spark alive all year round.  And, she just might want to return the favor on Valentine's day.

Happy Holidays!

Soldier’s Poem – A Christmas Reminder

LindaFranklin01a  This morning I received a copy of a newsletter that the soldiers at Camp Eggers in Afghanistan write each month. This poem reminds us lucky we are to have these brave men and women serving our country. I wanted to share it with you.


'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone.

 I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this little house lived.

As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No Stockings by mantle, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands.

With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sobering thought came through my mind.

For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, The home of a soldier, I could now see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder,

Not how I picture a United States Soldier.

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Cougar Women Honor Women In The Military

LindaFranklin01a Cougar Women and men who love them, this is your opportunity to honor our fabulous females in the military. Starting Monday I will be launching the "WEAR ONE, SHARE ONE" initiative and I am busting at the seams to tell you about it.   

This all started because I was personally touched by one woman serving in Afghanistan .  She emailed me to say that all of the women in her camp read my blog every day because they find it empowering.  Can you imagine that?  And, these brave soldiers started their own Real Cougar Woman Club on the base.  Needless, to say her words touched my heart in such a profound way that I decided to send all the women in her club a bracelet for Christmas.  Then I thought why not give people everywhere the opportunity to support all the brave women serving in the military. The wheels started to turn and I came up with "WEAR ONE, SHARE ONE initiative, with the help many people who share this vision.Bracelet #2  

Here's how it works.  When a Cougar Woman sponsor wears her "SHINING SERVICE BRACELET" it will remind her and others of the shining service of women serving our country. Too often these amazing women aren't recognized and that just not right. We can change that – we can make a difference.  

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