First Time Sex Tips – The Second Time

First Time Sex Tips - The Second Time Around Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanAnother week and another study. The latest one reports that it’s unlikely that we will  go the distance with our current partners.  Yikes!  So there’s a better than even chance you will once again have the FIRST TIME SEX experience.
In case you’ve forgotten what works well with first time sex here are a few important reminders:
Oral Sex –  it’s not only one of his favorite things, (and hopefully yours) it shows you’re as interested in giving as you are receiving pleasure.

Be active –  I’m not suggesting you bounce around the bed like a excited puppy, but please don’t leave it up to him to make all the moves.

• Don’t Stress About Your Body – Hiding under the covers, insisting the lights are turned out – you know the drill. Even if your thighs don’t look like they did 20 years ago – here you are having sex!  Revel in thinking about that.

. Relax –: Don’t stress about his performance or yours or you will both be disappointed.  First time sex can be intense and erotic but it’s also highly charged with expectations. Both of you are nervous and eager for it to go well, but it’s easier for a woman to hide what’s really going on. Don’t over-react, take it personally or make him feel bad if the first time he has trouble maintaining an erection or experiences premature ejaculation.Treat it lightly, don’t make a big deal out of it and let him know it’s normal and you understand.  Let him know you’re set for open, honest, communicative sex.

• Save the post-sex emotional fallout for your friends: If he really doesn’t want to know you now after he’s had his way with you, trying to find out if you’re an item will be even more humiliating. If he really likes you, he will be in contact within a day or so to plan the next date.

The more relaxed you are about the whole thing, the more smitten he’ll be. Be affectionate and shoot a few meaningful looks so he knows it meant something (if indeed it did), but resist hanging onto his leg as he makes for the front door.

The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. Linda Franklin says, ”there’s no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.

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