Obama Elected By Women – Now It’s Time For Payback

By Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Obama Elected By Women - Now It's Time For Payback   The Real Cougar WomanThis week, the women of America spoke with a voice that was loud, clear and unified, and it is now universally acknowledged that our votes helped President Obama win the election.

President Obama and his team worked very hard to convince us that he needed more time to ‘be the change’. In the end, even in the face of severe economic problems and worrisome doubt about his abilities to push America back from the brink, we gave it to him.

We even have an historic number of women in the Senate — 20 — no doubt also helped by women’s votes.

Women have a vision of a different America: an America that shows its citizens — by actions and not just political lip — that every single one of us is equal in the eyes of the law, regardless of gender, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation. It is an America led by brave men and women who will step up to the plate, work to unite this divided nation and start the healing so we can rebuild our economy, create more jobs and bolster our standing in the world once again.

What’s more, we want to go to sleep at night knowing that in the morning, our bodies will still belong to us, go to work every day and get the same amount of money in our paycheck each week as our male colleagues and rest easy knowing that we are protected by the U.S. Constitution.

That’s where the payback comes in.

To read Barbara’s entire article in the Huffington Post click here.  Find out what needs to be done.

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