Sex – Has It Become Just Another Chore?

For many busy women sex has become just another chore.  At the end of a long day of work, taking care of kids, shopping, cooking and whatever else, sex is the last thing on their minds.
How many women cringe when they hear their husband’s hopeful voice asking, “are you coming to bed soon?”  Oh No!!! One more chore to perform before I get to sleep.
According to a national study released last week by Benenden Healthcare Society in the UK, one in three Brits finds sex a chore, with many claiming they would rather ‘read a book’. 
Married women aged 16 to 24 have sex on average six times every four weeks. This falls to twice in four weeks for women in the 45 to 59 age group.

So what’s going on here? Why is it that after ten or so years of marriage the desire we all felt for our husbands seems to have dropped off a cliff faster than a ten-ton truck? 

Paula Hall, sex and relationship psychotherapist for Relate and author of Improving Your Relationship For Dummies, says it can partly be blamed on biology.

‘When we first get together with somebody we’re producing PEA [phenylethylamine] — the chemical responsible for lust, fluttery stomachs and the fact we can’t keep our hands off each other,’ she explains. 

‘Unfortunately, that wears off after 18 months, which is the time in which evolution reckons you should get pregnant.

‘After that, we’re producing oxytocin — a bonding chemical — which is all about keeping us together. Nobody, after a decade of marriage, feels huge amounts of lust for their partner — especially women, who have around 40 per cent less testosterone than men. They have to work harder to keep their sex drive going.’

Maybe if the beleaguered husbands would stop demanding sex and instead find a new and exciting way to entice their wives, things could change for the better. Women love romance.  Men who find small ways to show their woman how much she is loved and appreciated are much more likely to rekindle the flame of desire. 

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