Husbands Afraid To Tell Wives “I Hate Your Clothes”

by Linda Franklin

Husbands Afraid To Tell Wives "I Hate Your Clothes" Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanWhat does your husband REALLY think when he says ‘you look lovely’? Some brave men come clean about their wives favorite outfits and it ain’t pretty.

I wonder how many men are afraid to tell you they hate how you dress?  Sometimes my hubby will tell me he doesn’t like the way an outfit looks on me and I have to admit I didn’t like my choice either. But you know what, even though I had come to the same conclusion it still stings. And they talk about the male ego being huge!!!

A recent survey found one in four men regularly don’t like what their partner is wearing — but half of them are too afraid to tell the truth in case sparks fly.  Smart guys, they have been conditioned to take the easy road. Guess that’s the YES DEAR approach.

So here are two of the outfits the women like and here’s what the husband really thinks?

To see all the comments and what they would prefer to see their wives wearing click here.


Her wardrobe’s 50 shades of grey – but it’s done nothing for our love life”

‘”She looks like a cross between a Russian peasant and an Inca tribeswoman”




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