Nora Ephron – A Great Talent And A Great Woman

Nora Ephron passed away on Tuesday six years after being diagnosed with the blood disorder myelodysplasia. For millions of fans, her death was a shock because few outside her immediate circle knew that she had become gravely ill.  She was 71-years-old.

‘At some point, your luck is going to run out. You are very aware with friends getting sick that it can end in a second,’ she said in an interview two years ago.

Her philosophy at the end of her life was true to her exuberant spirit. ‘Eat delicious things while you can still eat them, go to wonderful places while you still can and not have evenings where you say to yourself; “What am I doing here? Why am I here? I am bored witless!” ’

‘At some point, you have to get the joke,’ she once said. She believed that everything in life, up to and including your husband leaving you, is kind of hilarious in the end. Seeing the funny side is only a matter of time and attitude — and only someone with her talent could actually prove it.

‘She was an incredibly gifted writer, one who never wasted a word and who would instinctively pan the gold and discard the debris in every sentence on every page. She understood the human condition in all its glories, frailties and doomed desires.

She had the ability to sum it up in a trenchant and witty way and to create female characters who were strong, complicated, anxious and tremendous all at the same time — in the way that real women are.

Few women make it in Hollywood, but Nora Ephron did, becoming one of the most influential women to work in the industry, totally in command of her own projects as a director, screenwriter and latterly a producer, too.

Nora married three times. Her last marriage, to Goodfellas author Nicholas Pileggi, was a long and happy one, and when recently asked to write a six-word biography, she decided upon: Secret To Life, Marry An Italian.

A few years ago, when contemplating death, she wrote a list of What I Won’t Miss. This included dry skin, email, dead flowers, the sound of the vacuum cleaner and small print.

What I Will Miss included her husband and children of course, but also spring, waffles, bacon, fireworks, twinkle lights, coming over the bridge to Manhattan, and pie.

What a marvellous woman she was. A heroine, not victim, all the way, right to the very end.

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