Sexual Dysfunction and Diabetes

By Dr. Jennifer Landa

Sexual Dysfuction and Diabetes by Dr. Jennifer Landa For The Real Cougar WomanSexual dysfunction in female diabetics has only received attention within the last decade.. Nearly 40 percent of diabetic women experience some type of sexual dysfunction affecting both their desire and performance.

Unlike a man with diabetes, sexual dysfunction in diabetic females is most commonly linked to body image, depression and anxiety. In some cases, it may be attributed to more serious complications of the disease such as vascular damage, neuropathy or infections. Diabetic women who have experienced, or are also experiencing menopause, may be dealing with a dual challenge when it comes to overcoming sexual dysfunction.

Mind over Mattress

Studies have observed that women affected by diabetes have a low self-esteem and poor body image in comparison to women not affected by diabetes. This may be linked to depression and anxiety – which affects 60 percent of diabetic patients – and can literally tank your libido. Women who must wear a pump or check their blood sugar before sex may become self-conscious, reducing the likelihood that they will initiate or engage in sex. Traditional stressors that affect any woman in the bedroom – such as weight management – pile onto the reasons diabetic women experience sexual dysfunction.

The root cause of female sexual dysfunction in these cases can often be addressed with lifestyle changes and a trusted partner. A balanced diet and routine exercise are proven methods for controlling weight and improving mood.  Don’t be afraid to talk openly with your doctor about your sexual distress – some cases may be more severe and require a change in medication or additional counseling.  Don’t forget that communicating with your sexual partner can be a very effective way to alleviate the fears hindering your sexual function.

The Prescription

The most effective way to avoid sexual dysfunction related to diabetes is to properly manage the disease. Making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle and carefully monitoring your blood glucose levels will decrease your risk of neuropathy, infections and circulatory issues. You will also be among the fortunate women affected by diabetes that enjoy higher energy levels and less anxiety because they practice good diabetes management. In some cases, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be useful – adequate amounts of progesterone, testosterone and growth hormone play a role in the delicate regulation of blood glucose levels.

Women who experience vaginal dryness as part of their diabetes-related sexual dysfunction may be dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Low estrogen levels can occur in diabetic women and is a likely culprit in women who are also experiencing menopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a solution that may be explored to correct this issue. If the dryness is related exclusively to diabetes, over-the-counter lubrications are also an effective choice.

There are answers, so do your research and find a doctor you trust.  Together you will find ways to rekindle the sparks of passion.

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