Number One Reason People Get Divorced

By Linda Franklin 

Number One People People Get Divorced by Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanFalling out of love is the new number one reason couples are divorcing according to Your Tango. After doing a survey of divorced or divorcing couples, infidelity has now been bumped down to number two.  Cheating had been number one for the eight years.

Essentially, the survey has found that couples are more willing to work through a partner’s sexual indiscretions than they are through a dry, loveless relationship. And who can blame them?

In the old days, there weren’t any options and women didn’t have their own incomes. Things have changed with the two income household among other things. I’ve always questioned whether or not women’s resolve to stay in a sexually decrepit marriage was due to the the idealistic reasons they posed. Men, on the other hand, have gone to mistresses and sex workers to satisfy their needs, seeing that as their right– their entitlement. The show Mad Men on AMC does a great job displaying this.

Today more couple are rethinking sex’s role in a relationship. They’re spending more time getting better at it and the other things that make it great and communication smooth.  They’re taking sex more seriously. . When they do, it makes them wake up one day and say things like, “I’m falling in low with my husband/wife all over again”.

Sustainable great sex, is a major untapped resource to refuel the state of being in love. 

The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality. Linda Franklin says,”there is no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.


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