Cooking Naked And Other Good Things

By Linda Franklin 

Cooking Naked And Other Delicous Things by Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WomanI first met Rosie when she handed me her business card that said, I COOK NAKED. Join me.   I told her I don’t cook, but nevertheless, I was intrigued.

Rosie Battista is the founder of Sleeping Naked After 40.  She refers to herself as a  Healthy Body “Builder”, Trainer & Food Maven.  On her 50th birthday she posed in a teeny-weeny bikini on stage with women half her age (including her daughter) in her first figure body building competition.

Her passion is to help women develop the sexiest version of themselves by losing weight. She says, “that journey starts with cooking naked”.  Well, not literally naked, she means using food in its most natural “naked” state.  “Naked” food doesn’t come with a box or a label. 

Rosie’s invites you to join her and learn how to use these naked food in the most creative, delicious ways. Her simple recipes feed your body and nourish your soul and the result is you will  feel so much better in your body.

See for yourself in this video where Rosie shows you how to avoid a Halloween Sugar Coma.  Check out Rosie’s blog.  She’s fun, smart and knows what she’s talking about.

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