Disguising The Effects Of Aging

by Cynthia Rowland CynthiaRowland.com

Cyn red shirtOnce a face is injected with chemical substances it is forever changed. It's the same with lopping off sagging skin; no matter how experienced the surgeon is the once untouched face will forever display signs of alteration. Even laser treatments have proven to be iffy at best, with unexpected burns and holes in the chin and around the eyes when over aggressive actions are used.

Disguising aging is big business these days; not only are the docs vying for your dollars, the department stores, spas, drugstores and internet sites want you to buy their hyped anti-aging lotions, potions and serums.

We have been deluged with all sorts of anti-aging concoctions from the foreskin of baby penises, to a specially bred fish that are willing to eat away at dead skin. EW!  Do these preparations deliver on their promises or are they just clever ads to have us spend our hard-earned dollars?

Nobody wants to look old and advertisers know this. Do they prey upon gullible, unsuspecting consumers who wish to look years younger?  You know the answer to that.  Just open any woman's magazine and you'll see the beauty ads spilling off the page.  

Most aging in the face is a result of sagging facial muscles due to loss of muscle mass and sun damage so using just skin care alone cannot adequately alter your appearance. You must use something deeper than just topical skincare preparations if you want a newer, fresher visage.

So have you been searching for the Fountain of Youth in all the wrong places?

You may be resistant to hearing this but the he Fountain of Youth begins with exercise and that includes facial exercise.Facial exercise consists of small steps taken daily and these small steps lead you to a younger looking face without using drastic measures that put your health at risk.

In just minutes a day you can create a more youthful face using your thumbs and fingers performing special exercises that act as your age erasers. You will not have to think about using extraneous, dangerous, painful modalities that are unreliable.

How can facial exercise stop an aging face? Without a doubt and here's why: Just like the muscles elongate in our arms, tummy, waist, thighs and hips when we do not maintain them adequately with exercise, our facial muscles can become out of shape as well. Now, we can camouflage and conceal sagging body muscles with body contouring lingerie, long black, flowing blouses and black, roomy slacks but hiding a double chin, deep nasal labial folds and hooded eye lids is impossible.

Here's why aging in our faces is so visible: our facial muscles weave over and under each other then attach to bone on one end; when they elongate from disuse or atrophy, they pool into other muscles and muscle groups. This action can create lines, wrinkles and folds that skin care cannot fix. Oh sure, there are lotions and potions that can soften the look of aging but to stop sagging facial muscles, error proof methods are required and it's not about surgery or injections that plump and paralyze.

In our faces, the muscles are attached directly to our skin so when we employ lifting and tightening exercises, the muscles respond and reposition and so does our skin. Our skin and muscles can lift back and up into the hairline so that sagging is minimized.

Yes, using facial exercise is a do it yourself face lift. Just like exercise works for our body, facial exercise can help turn back the clock so that your face can look five, ten even fifteen years younger in hardly any time at all.

How exciting to know that you can stay pretty without spending your children's inheritance. Love your face with exercise.


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