Fran Drescher – Happily Divorced by Linda Franklin The Real Cougar Woman


Linda Franklin, The Real Cougar Woman loves Fran Drescher and she is back in a new series tonight on TV Land.  I must have watched every episode of The Nanny a gazillion times, so I am hoping Fran's new show is a big hit. Happily Divorced is based on Fran's own life experience and she says this is how the show was conceived.

“When TV Land asked me to meet with them about developing a new television series, I came with a bunch of ideas. And they said, ‘What would be an idea if you were to star in it?’ — which is not what I was thinking when I took the meeting. And I said, ‘Oh, well that’s easy. It would have to be the story of how my gay ex-husband and I have become best friends, and he helps me, you know, with my relationship problems with my boyfriends.’ And I said, ‘Now, do you wanna hear the shows that I brought?’ And they said, ‘Why? We just bought that one.’ So that was the beginning of ‘Happily Divorced.’ And I called Peter immediately and said, ‘I just sold an idea, and I want you to be my partner on it.”

So basically it's your average relationship story  – boy meets girl,  they marry, he turns out to be gay, they divorce but he can’t afford to move out, so…they still live together while BOTH re-entering the dating pools.  Make sense?

Here's a preview.  


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