Anti-Aging Procedures Could Speed Up Aging

AntiAging Procedures Actually Speeding Up Aging by Linda Franklin The Real Cougar WOman How many injections, surgeries, lipo-suctions and treatments can your body handle without rebelling? New reports suggest that aggressive and invasive anti-aging procedures actually can speed-up aging.  So be advised that prolonged use of injections and other treatments may not give you what you’re  looking for. 

Aging happens.  If you don’t see evidence that your face, breasts, arms and hips are starting to slide south by age 35, you are very fortunate that yourBad injections  parents and grandparents gifted you with youthful genes.

Temporary, paralyzing and plumping, toxin-laden injections cost a lot of money and produce a weird, freakish, unnatural contour to faces.  And, they do absolutely nothing to promote good health or make a face look younger.

The truth is hard to hear: using man-made substances that claim to prop up sagging skin will not last.

Oh sure, you will initially see a difference but the reality is this: injections, like surgeries, must be consistently repeated and refreshed ala Joan Rivers. Now Joanie has pretty deep pockets and can easily afford to keep her plastic surgeon driving a Maserati in Marbella; but, can you?

Consider celebrities who readily invest money in the best of everything – homes, vacations, travel, and luxury de jour – have by choice chosen plastic surgery, injections and loads of treatment just hoping to further enhance their appearance, career, and bankability. Without naming names, we have seen results that surely weren’t anticipated.

Oversized lips, ghastly raised eyebrows, inflated cheeks, splayed mouths, flat cheeks, the wind-tunnel, surprised look coupled with harsh laser treatments that guarantee any face could easily resemble the Bride of Frankenstein are frequently seen in the hottest spots like the Ivy and Nobu, in gossip magazines and celebrity blogs. If celebrities who can afford the finest of everything end up with freakish looking faces, what will you get?

There is good news here.  You can easily recession-proof your face and look younger than your years if you are willing to try an all-natural alternative like facial exercise.

Exercise changes everything. Just as torsos, arms, legs, hips, buttocks and thighs slim and tighten with regular exercise; facial exercise can tighten and lift the sagging facial features that make a face look tired and old.

Rather than spending several thousand dollars on temporary fixes invest in a facial exercise program to manage your sagging cheeks and eyebrows, double chins, lined foreheads and more.

Don’t be fooled thinking all facial exercise programs are the same. Facial exercise that employs resistance and isometric movements go far beyond contortions, twitches and scrunches to insure that your face will lift, tighten and contour.

Facial exercise requires only minutes a day to complete a routine. Your thumbs and fingers clothed in white cotton gloves accurately target those small sagging underlying muscles. Those muscles will feel alive again in just seconds as oxygenated blood that distributes nutrients to our cells courses through the tissues.

Not only will facial exercise restore the muscle tone in your face and neck, your confidence will soar. Imagine, a younger looking face without the danger, risk or unpredictability of injections, drugs or surgery. Learn more about Facial Magic at


The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond who knows the importance of taking care of her health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirituality.  Linda Franklin says,”there is no stopping a woman who has a strong belief system, passion and a dream. All things are possible”. Linda’s book, Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am helps women of all ages tap into their power and live life to the fullest.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Procedures Could Speed Up Aging

  1. Great article. I'm a licensed esthetician and have observed over the years that women who "overtreat" their skin often show early signs of aging.
    Also, over-exfoliation can do more harm than good. Overworking the skin can cause inflammation and inflammation causes aging.

  2. The main rule to stay beautiful is to never do invasive pocedures! And never means NOT A SINGLE TIME IN YOUR LIFE! Except it's an emergency and you may literally die without it. So eat right, don't spent much time on a beach, try not to frown and use anti-aging creams. That's all))

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