Jewish Women Banned From Wearing Tank Tops

Jewish Women Jewish women have been banned from wearing tank tops, T-shirts and short skirts by New York Rabbis. It didn't seem to matter that the temperature was close to 100F.

The Central Rabbinical Congress has placed posters, written in Yiddish in trendy South Williamsburg demanding women dress modestly despite the roasting weather.

New Yorkers have responded furiously to Rabbis' demands. spoke to one Williamsburg woman wearing yellow short shorts and a T-shirt who said: 'Now they are telling us what to wear?

Last month a Hasidic newspaper erased Hilary Clinton from one of the most historic moments of the war on terror by editing her out of a photo of the White House situation room.

So I ask you   – is this The United States of America or some third world nation that has absolutely no respect for women?  I am Jewish woman and I am ashamed that this kind of behavior is still going on.  Jews know what it is liked to be persecuted and how discrimination is a ugly insidious cancer that spreads and eventually kills.  These laws are outdated and need to be changed.

Don't discriminate against women.  We won't accept it any more. 


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