Cougar Town By Any Other Name – Still A Bad Show


CougarTownCougar Town' bosses feel the show's title is a "played-out joke" and want to change it. I feel a name change won't help.  A bad show is a bad show.

The so-called comedy series starring Courtney Cox  is returning for a third series next year, but executive producer Bill Lawrence is appealing to fans to help him find a different name for the programme.

He said: "You have no idea how much it hurts me and executive producer Kevin [Biegel] to see that title on the screen knowing that we had something to do with it."  Oh, give me a break!

He later wrote on twitter: "Screw it. I'm changing it (if Kevin's cool w it. Someone ask him for me). Seriously, we just decided. Will use fans to help w new title (sic).

"To answer many of you: Kevin and I titled the show. It helped sell it, plus we thought we'd do campy show about woman re-entering world (sic).

"Now 'Cougar Town' is show about adult friendships and drinking. And it's called 'Cougar Town'. I hate myself (sic)."

Bill had tried to change the show's name last year ahead of its second series, but both his suggestions – 'Sunshine State' and 'Grown Ups' – were rejected as they were too close to the tiles of existing shows.


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