Sagging Faces Are #1 Concern After Weight Loss

Cyn red shirt When Jan was leaving college she vowed to lose the extra sixty pounds she had put on.  It took a few years to get the hang of smaller portions, her weight yo-yoed up and down but finally, she accomplished her weight loss goal.

She was thrilled that the extra weight was gone but when she looked into the mirror her face reminded her of a Shar Pei.  There was loose skin not only on her face but down into her neck as well. At the age of 37 she seriously considered plastic surgery and in fact, had scheduled a face and neck lift the very day I met her.

Candace, lost forty five pounds then telephoned me asking what products could she use to make her skin appear more radiant? After a rather long conversation she began to describe her real dilemma associated with weight loss – sagging skin.  The skin on her arms and legs could be disguised with clothing but her sagging face, especially the area around her mouth was a big concern.  She didn't like that her cheeks and neck were blending together with no definition of her jaw line.

Philip, a 62 year old professional, decided to drop 15 pounds but had concerns because he already had jowls, pouches and a turkey neck.  He didn't want his anticipated weight loss to accentuate his already droopy features. Philip was also concerned about excessive wrinkling, particularly underneath his left eye. 

These three documented examples are of people with one thing in common – they all used the Facial Magic facial exercise system to rehabilitate their faces.

“Everything is tightening, firming and lifting. I see the results in my upper cheeks and the area around my mouth. The exercises have helped my neck tremendously!” says Candace Z. “I thought I only needed skin care items but after time on the phone with Cynthia I realized that I needed exercise more than alpha hydroxy.”

Philip, too, shares that his experience with facial exercise has completely wowed him. “I have had instant results using facial exercise and long-term results that have corrected my turkey neck and the jowls and pouches have vanished. I had wrinkling under my left eye and the upper eye exercise has greatly improved that area.”

After six weeks of using the Facial Magic facial exercise, Jan from Minneapolis, was convinced she would never have to use the services of a facial plastic surgeon. She not only cancelled her appointment for surgery but she also appeared on a television show where she shared her toned and tightened face.

Jackie Silver, President of believes that exercise is the fountain of youth and that includes facial exercise. “It is imperative that you use facial exercise to plump up the facial muscles, especially when you have lost weight so your skin doesn’t sag.” 

What makes facial exercise so successful for those losing weight?  From the inside out you can lift and tighten sagging facial muscles using specialized facial movements that first isolate, then anchor and   contract the muscle or muscle group. Muscles in the face are tiny, they weave over and under each other and attach on one end to bone and the other end attaches into the skin or to another muscle. That’s why we isolate and anchor the muscles first so that a contraction is easily made. Contractions plump up the skin and reposition the muscles so you look and feel younger.

Facial exercise is easy, simple to master and best of all, it works!  Check out all my anti-aging products on


The Real Cougar Woman is a 5-carat diamond focused on her health, beauty, relationships, finance and spirituality. Linda Franklin says," a Real Cougar takes responsibility for everything in her life.  Just like an artist, she sits in front of a blank canvas every day and creates her reality.


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