SlutWalk – Degrading Sexual Labels For Women Have To Go

Slutwalk 3Ugly labels that degrade women do untold damage.  That's why I am trying to defuse the Cougar label and that is what women across the country are doing for the SLUT label.  Women don't need labels to make them feel bad about their sexuality.

Slutwalk started when a Canadian policeman told women to stop dressing like 'sluts' to avoid being raped.  That sparked the worldwide protest movement.

Thousands of members of SlutWalk have already marched in cities across the U.S and Canada. Now women everywhere are joining the SlutWalk Facebook page in droves.

'All over the world, women are constantly made to feel like victims, told they should not look a certain way, should not go out at night, should not go into certain areas, should not get drunk, should not wear high heels or make up, should not be alone with someone they don't know.'

A member of the Boston Facebook group, Vanessa White, 33, said, 'for me it's an attempt to reclaim the word 'slut' itself, she said. 'Because once you reclaim it, you take the power away from it.'


One thought on “SlutWalk – Degrading Sexual Labels For Women Have To Go

  1. Amen! Let's place the blame for wrong doings against women (rape, or sexually unwanted advances) on the real culprets, Men. We let men get away with acting like mindless animals.

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