Women Love Sex – Why Don’t You Believe Us?













Add this to the list of why women don't want sex.  According to a Harvard study, we run on a different biological sleep clock than men, so we need to go to bed earlier.  Yes, I know we get tired, but we are never to tired for toe-curling sex.

I really want to know why is it so hard to believe that women are sexual beings who love sex.  It's only when the sex is not satisfying that we figure out reasons not to have it.

It's easy to blame the other person if sex isn't satisfying.

Women have to be able to show a man what feels good. She has to explore her own body to know what really turns her on – then share that with her partner.

The man has to realize his woman is not a porn star. She doesn't want to be hammered for 30 minutes like you see in your favorite porn flick. She wants variety, she wants foreplay and she wants to know it matters to you that she is satisfied.



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