Shania Twain’s Story Is Very Strange

ShaniaTwain2Yesterday I caught Shania Twain's interview on Oprah.  She was talking about her new book, From This Moment On.  She revealed her heartbreak after finding out that her then husband Mutt Lange and her former best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud were involved in a romantic relationship.

For the past two-and-a-half years Shania has been going through very rough times adjusting to life without Mutt and her best friend. 

That I get, it's very hard to start over - but here's where it get dicey for me. 

This fabulous superstar then turns around and marries Frederic Thiebaud, the former husband of Marie-Ann.  Doesn't that seem strange to you?  You would think that she would want a fresh start away from all the drama and the cast of characters that almost took her down.  But, no, instead she chose not to break free but stay in the web of intrigue.

Sorry Shania, I don't get it.


2 thoughts on “Shania Twain’s Story Is Very Strange

  1. Emotions and devastation are very hard to understand for those not in the experience. Because they were friends, Shania found it more comfortable for her. Each person is different and handles her hurt in a different way. I am very happy for Shania and I hope she and her new husband have a joyful and peaceful life together. Don't judge others until you have walked in their shoes.

  2. Sometimes it is easy to stick with those who are familiar and hae your back. Both Shania and him knows the same heartache and can help each other. I am happy for them.

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