Financial Infidelity – Breaking Up Over Money

Couple fighting over bills With all this wedding mania going on we tend to miss the bigger pictures. The Royal Couple may not have this problem but millions of Americans sure do.

Three in ten American commit financial infidelity by lying to their spouse or fiance about money.  Very often these lies lead to a loss of trust and a breakup.

Sixteen percent of couples affected by financial infidelity said the deception led to a divorce and 11 percent said it caused a separation. Sixty-seven percent said it led to an argument and for 42 percent it lessened trust in the relationship.

The most common lie, at 58 percent, was hiding cash. Fifty-four percent of people surveyed admitted hiding a minor purchase, 30 percent hid a bill, 16 percent did not disclose a major purchase and 15 percent hid a bank account.

Eleven percent lied about debt and an equal number were untruthful about earnings, the survey showed.

Enter into marriage knowing where both people stand on the money issue. Here are 10 things you need to know about your fiance's finances before tying the knot. 


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