Flabby Bellies And How To Hide Them

Fabulousafter40 deb and jojami We get asked all the time – how can I hide my jelly belly. So we decided to do a 5-part series and we called it How To Hide Your Midlife Tummy.  

Here's a letter we received from Gloria:-

Dear Glam Gals,

I would like to know how to look fabulous even though I weighBelly  more than I did in my 20′s.  I am 50+ now and have found it extremely difficult to lose the menopausal weight gain!   It would help if you could put some tips in that would help us gals that are in our 50′s look great even though we have a tummy bulge.  Thanks!! Glori

For all of you gals that want some tricks on how to hide your belly here are links to our 5-part series.part 1, part 2,    part 3part 4,   part 5.  Check out all our fashion tips at Fabulous After 40.

Let us know how it works out for you. 


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