Vibrators Finally Coming Out Of The Closet


At long last, vibrators are taking center stage where they belong. Don't you remember when we had to sneak in and buy them in sex shops or discreetly online?  Well those days are over.

Now you can find a select group of toys advertised on  MTV or boldly displayed at Duane Reade, Walgreens and other mainstream drugstores.

This comes as no surprise to Rachel Venning, a founder of Babeland, a chain of sex-toy stores that opened a store in family-friendly Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 2008 to nary a ripple of protest. “I know women will buy them at Duane Reade, and as a lifelong cheerleader for sexual empowerment I’m thrilled at this development,” Ms. Venning said. “It’s one more step in the evolution of vibrators to just another consumer product, unburdened of its freight of shame, sexual defect and sluttiness.”

I love seeing a women's sexuality as a natural part of who we are.  Reading about this in  The New York Times this morning really made me smile. Ladies, start your vibrators humming.

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