Mammograms – Waiting Is The Worst Part

Mammogram 3

Like most of you Real Cougars I get a mammogram every year.  It's something we have to do and I wish I could say it's gets easier as you get older – but it doesn't.

I start to worry a week before my scheduled appointment, and by the time I get there I am a wreck.  

Last week when I went the doctor does the breast exam and then the technician takes the pictures.  After that I put on my little paper cover up and went into a waiting room with other women  looking as nervous as I was.

I talked to all four of the women waiting and we compared this experience to a torture chamber.  They all agreed.  And, to make matters worse, one by one each of us was called back to take more pictures.  OMG I thought – they found something and the other women told me they were thinking exactly the same thing I was.  Waiting for the results is definitely the worst part.

During the next fifteen minutes, which felt more like fifteen hours, we were all given a thumbs up report.  The smiles on our faces showed just how thankful we were. 

Next year, God willing I will for another mammogram and it will be just as traumatic.  It doesn't get easier.  

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