Balance – Real Cougars Know It’s Really Not Possible

Confused-womanWe are always told a happy life is all about balance, but is there such a thing?  Believing that every day has to be the perfect blend of work, family, leisure, healthy eating & exercising can drive you nuts. We all know by now that's impossible.

There are days I just can't get to the gym should I beat myself up over that.  No – but I do.  Women do and it's time to stop.  

Perhaps this is a more realistic definition of balance.  It's knowing that every day of our lives we are drawn to what's most important for that day.  One day our attention is devoted to work because that's what makes you the happiest.  But on another day it could be your family, or pampering yourself because that's where you choose to focus your energy.  It's important to remember we always get to choose.

If we recognize that balance is a constant back and forth swing we won't drive ourselves crazy trying to be balanced. It's like the wind – it shifts.  On any specific day there is always someone or something that's not going to need your full attention and that's okay. 


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