Cougar Women in Blue Cougar – Newest Spring Fashion

Blue leopard
Each season, animal prints take over the runways from New York to Paris.  From leopard to cougar, zebra to python, each king of the jungle has taken their turn as a driving force in fashion.

My favorite line to take on this theme is Blumarine.  Their  Spring runway show was filled with fresh and inviting animal prints in sherbet colors.  Even my own Kim Parrish Collection got into the mix and will debut some of the new animal prints on QVC in London this month. 

Of course, don’t put away your old standard animal prints in black, grey and brown tones.  They’ll always be in style.  And yes, some of the best designers were showcasing them in their spring collections.  From Ralph Lauren to Roberto Cavalli, the top designers all gave tribute to the jungle motif.    

 So which animal is emerging in 2011 as the force to be reckoned with?  Well, it’s the blue cougar, the aqua leopard and the pink giraffe.  No-  fashion is not getting it’s inspiration from the Disney Channel but the wild animal prints of the past have updated their spots and taken on fresh, pastel hues.  It’s quite refreshing to see the fashion staple get a makeover. 


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