Cougar Women – Looking Sexy From The Waist Up

Fabulousafter40 deb and jojami Here you are getting ready for a special date and you're stuck.  You stand in front of your closet confused about what to wear.  And, if the date happens to be with a younger man, well that can be downright intimidating!  

With the pressure to look younger, now at a fever pitch, it’s easy to goCleavage  overboard and end up squished in something that’s too tight, too short and just too, too! 

So how can you look sexy, without going overboard? We say, simply - focus on your top half. 

Too much all over exposure reads desperate, but a little reveal or interest up top is all that really matters. Think about it.  You may have fabulous legs, an amazing bottom or the most feminine little feet, but what he’ll be gazing at across the dinner table is, you, from the waist up. 

Here are 6 ways to look sexy from the waist up: 

Your Oh So Sexy Neckline – One of your most feminine areas is your décolletage. So, no turtlenecks or boring high necks.  Instead opt for a softly rounded scoop neck, deep V or even off the shoulder look which is so popular right now.

Cozy up to Cashmere – Luxurious Cashmere, velvet and other soft, sumptuous fabrics attracts the eye and will make your date want to reach out and touch you. 

Dare to Dangle – Button earrings and serious studs need to stay at home. Swing your head, flip your hair and look like a sex symbol in a pair of deliciously dangling earrings.

Lure him with your Lashes A wink, a nod is all so much sexier when you are wearing long lashes. Try on a dark, lush set or experiment with just a few individual lashes applied to the outer corners of your eyes.

Nix the long nails – If you think longer is sexier, then you need an update. Soft looking subtle nails, medium length, are much more romantic than dark scary claws. 

Shimmer with Shine – Wear clothes with shiny fabrics like metallic that will add beautiful shimmer to your face by reflecting off a room’s low lighting. A hint of bronzer on your face, neck and shoulders makes you sparkle like a sexy candle.

Okay all of you Real Cougars, use these tips and just be you – the fabulous female you know you are.



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