Wine-a-holic Are Women Hooked On The Stuff?


Julia Allison kept this log of how much alcohol she consumed over a one year period.  She had a habit of saying I “never” drank when what she really meant was  I “rarely” drank. So she decided to keep track and see how much she was ACTUALLY drinking? 

Almost one in five women drinks to excess — and the number drinking more than the recommended amount, which is one drink a day, has grown by a fifth over the past decade.

You hear this all the time, and I find myself saying it too – "I need a glass of wine to relax after a busy day".

Experts say women need to wake up to the fact that the concept of ‘Wine O’Clock’ — the nickname for the hour at which the first drink of the day is poured — isn’t turning out to be as much fun as they first thought.  Drinking too much does not make your liver happy.

So, why not try what Julia did and keep track of just how much you are drinking.   You might be as surprised as she was.  


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