Combat Cougars – Proud, Brave and Fabulous

Linda Siri Bracelets Yesterday I attended a great event at Federal Hall here in New York City.  It was honoring women in the military and all branches of service were represented.  Here I am with Siri, one of the USO's Liberty Bells.

This was a great opportunity for me to explain my initiative to support all of the CombatCardboard Cougar  Cougars.  By the way, I asked all the women who attended if they liked the term and it was unanimous – they loved it.  Phew!!!  

The "shining service bracelet" was a hit too. They are made of beautiful black and clear Belgian Crystals and are both meaningful and healing. I feel so much calmer when I wear mine.  It's a symbol showing we honor our military sisters.

But the thing that brought the biggest smile to their faces was that they were finally being recognized. That all of us appreciate everything they are doing for our country. Too often, women who serve, and women who are taking care of business while their men are away, don't have a voice.  Well now they do.  In fact we have a new survey asking them to identify their biggest challenges.  Here's the link to that survey and it would be great if you could forward it to any woman you know who is part of a military family.  Once we target the biggest problems we can do something to make it better for all of them.

Ok, now I have to confess something.  The military guys at this event were sensational.  One was more gorgeous than the next. And, once they heard cougar woman they snapped to attention.  LOL. I felt like a kid in a candy store – it was a blast.

Right now I am busy working on a "Combat Cougar Makeover" event for Fleet Week.  When the women heard about they were very excited.  Again small gestures mean so much. 

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