Diet Sabotoge – It’s All Around You

LindaFranklin01a Diet Sabotage is something we don't expect but nevertheless, it exists all around us.  Everyone applauds the plump friend who announces she’s about to join Weight Watchers.  They admire the dedication which leads her to lose her first few pounds but then watch out.  When the dieter starts taking on a whole new look and attitude people start feeling ambivalent — or even hostile.

It doesn't matter whether your friends and family are thinner or fatter than you,when you start to shed the pounds they feel threatened.  But knowing thisu can't distract you from your goal.  You need dedication - not negative input.

It surprising, but true, that the thinner a friend is, the more she will be threatened by the "new you".  They will say "be careful - you don’t want to start looking old or tired or saggy”.  This happens even to 28 year old women – sad isn't it?

‘What defines the negative reactions is their relationship with their own weight. Your more neurotic thin friends who weigh themselves every day are far more threatened than the heavier ones who’ve given up the fight. 

In our former roles as cave women, we had to size up our potential competition. It was normal to judge a person’s size, weight and strength relative to ourselves so we could assess our survival in the pecking order: “Is she stronger than me? Could she beat me in a fight? Could she steal my man (in which case my survival is threatened)? And the list goes on. Move on a few thousand years and we have the same fight or flight system, but with a much less obviously threatened survival.

Dr Pierre Dukan, creator of the Dukan diet, says: ‘You must learn to resist the attempts at sabotage. And even better, use the attacks to reinforce your motivation. "Their comments are proof you are losing weight, looking better, more beautiful and victorious, and they’re just jealous. Continue to punish them witht the New You  - it's your sweet revenge.


One thought on “Diet Sabotoge – It’s All Around You

  1. After coming back from my deployment, everyone was saying how great that I looked and asked how much weight I lost. Then seeing them and how much weight they have gained I was shocked. I have fatihfully been working out but it's not to prove anything to anyone. It's to improve the new me and become healthy. Remember it's your health – do it for yourself not for others.

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