Cougar Mom Transforms Into Snow Bunny

Dawn n kids I wanted to plan something special for my son William who is turning 16 this year. So, a few months ago we started talking about just the two of us going away in March to the Virgin Islands.  Ahhh, palm trees, scuba, sunshine & serenity…NOT!

A week before I was ready to book our trip I asked one last time if St John and St Thomas was where we would celebrate The BIG 16!  My darling son said, “Well, I would really rather go snowboarding but I know you hate the cold weather.”  What? I was floored.  Could he REALLY want to wear layers of clothing, brave the cold, ice and snow, not to mention endure bumps and bruises when we could be spending a week in paradise?  My heart sunk.

Several days later and countless hours on-line we came up with a winter-wonderland paradise we both agreed on…Lake Tahoe!  I figure even if I wimp out after my first day or two, the scenery in Tahoe is gorgeous, and it will be a fantastic way to celebrate a very special birthday.

So, off to the ski shop where I got a crash-course (no pun intended) on the apparel, equipment and safety gear for our mother-son adventure.  What a blast already as I outfitted us both in the latest trendy attire and new board, boots and bindings for Will. 

I must be one Crazy Cougar Mama as I haven’t been on skis in over twenty years, and now about to attempt to take on several feet of fresh powder and ride down a 10, 000 foot mountain….Of course I will find the most qualified (and hottest) instructor around so I don’t end up in on crutches. 

Looking forward to filling you in on our 16th Birthday adventure (provided I come back in one piece)…hey, worst case scenario, I could always hang out in the lodge, go on a ‘Cub Scout’ and be a Snow Cougar.

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