Cosmetic Surgery Cannot Help Heal A Broken Heart

Cyn red shirt Divorcees are a cosmetic surgeons wet dream. Vengeance surgery now makes up about 25% of all cosmetic work done.  Women have this misguided idea that going under the knife will exact some type of revenge on their wandering, cheating husbands who have dumped them for a younger model.

Reinventing yourself after a traumatic breakup isn’t a new idea but using surgery to prop up hurt feelings and rejection just might be detrimental to your overall well being.Seeking revenge on that conniving philanderer who allowed you to put your dreams on hold while he fulfilled his, may initially feel comforting and well deserved, but remember this: surgery is dangerous business. 

The stress from a breakup is very real and can really reek havoc on your body and your face.  You know at that moment in time you are particularly vulnerable and a sagging face is a constant reminder that you are aging. So, if you are promised that injections, surgery, laser treatments, and chemical peels will help you recpature your youthful essence it's hard not to resist.  

But wait!  This is a good time to remind yourself of those celebrity faces that have been mutilated, botched and are now misshapen and grotesque – almost unrecognizable.  Remember, these wealthy celebs can afford the very best doctors and the results are horrible, so where does that leave you?   

Before you run out of money looking for the fountain of youth in a syringe or a scalpel, stop and consider that true anti-aging for the face begins with facial exercise. Imagine knowing the secret to natural face lifting – the power to create lasting change in your face is literally in your hands.  Facial exercise will keep you out of harm’s way with no large outlays of cash, no risk, no drugs, no oops!

The best revenge is a confident, poised you – presenting your beautiful toned face that looks 5 – 10 – even 15 years younger.  Ahhhh, the best revenge is living well!   


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