Friends With Benefits But Without The Sex

LindaFranklin01a Have you ever wondered at what point you cross the line and are actually betraying your marital vows?  Is is the first kiss, an intimate conversation, or is the emotional connection with this other man that makes you feel like you are cheating?

Hmmm – if we're honest is your marriage actually in danger the moment you start investing time in a relationship with a man who isn’t your husband?  Could the emotional connection you have be much more hazardous than a physical one could ever be?

Some might argue that an emotional affair is harmless because it is more of a casual relationship than traditional cheating. However, the intimate nature of the communication, in addition to the emotional investment made by the people involved, places an emotional affair on the same level — or worse — as traditional cheating.

It starts off innocently enough.  You meet a man who listens to you.  A man who compliments you.  A man who offers to help you.  A man with common inetrest.  A man who makes you feel at ease. And, before you know it, you're hooked  He is providing the connection you are looking for, he is making you feel special – something that your husband is no longer doing.

Your husband might even know this friend and he's now showing that he feels threatened by the relationship.  After all it seems to make you happy, and if he loves you, he wants you to be happy – right?  Probably not,  Not if your happiness is a threat to the status quo. What seemed okay, turns to iritation, and then to anger. In his mind, he believes that this man is becoming a wedge in the marriage.

You can argue that if your husband is really upset then maybe he should do something to make your own relationship more solid.  Yes, that would be nice, but. that takes a lot of insight to figure that out, and usually men don't come to that conclusion. They would rather deal with feeling angry and betrayed.

So, I ask you, does a woman's emotional affair, say  "you aren’t enough for me"'.   

After all, it has all the elements of a real affair, but without the complication of a physical relationship that would clearly cross the line into marital infidelity. 

It’s quite clear to me that emotional affairs aren’t just about feeling emotionally content, but about the desire to be loved, supported, listened to — and intellectually stimulated.

They are very threatening. It’s hardly surprising that they can destroy marriages. Once you get a taste of what an emotional relationship it's hard to settle for anything less.


One thought on “Friends With Benefits But Without The Sex

  1. Good day
    I catch my woman having this kind of affair with her former classmate in high school. We are married for 25 years and grace with a son and 2 daughters. She met this man on Facebook. I can even think on my wildest nightmare that she can do this to me. For I am an ideal husband. Presently I don't know my feelings om her anymore. Will I forgive her? Will I divorce her? But we don"t have divorce in our country. Tell me what to do.

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