Real Cougar Grandma Goes Gaga

Dawn & Mom - Gaga Never in a million years would I have thought that my soon-to-be 83 year-young Mom would even know who Lady Gaga was, let alone want to see her perform live.  So much for knowing my own Mom! 

In an attempt to be an uber- cool Mom to my son William, who was turning 16, I was lucky enough to score two awesome tickets to see Lady Gaga live at Boardwalk Hall down in Atlantic City. I figured he would be thrilled when he opened the tickets. Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed when William told my Mom and me he wasn’t able to make it.  That's when my Mom, a few months shy of 83, said, “WOW, I would love to see Lady Gaga!”  I turned to her and said, “Yeah, okay” in a slightly sarcastic tone. You see, Mama Grace has never been to a concert, unless you count Tony Bennett, Neil Sedaka, and Loretta Lynn.  So, Lady Gaga does not exactly fit into her musical genre of choice.

So, I took Mom walker and all, down to Atlantic City for an adventure she would never forget!  We arrived at Boardwalk Hall and immediately was greeted by a promotions team asking to take our pictures…we both posed in true ‘Cougarlicious’ fashion, and the night was off to a great start! 

Mama Grace and I made our way over to our incredible seats and looked around as the sold-out venue filled with an eclectic mix of screaming fans who were awaiting Gaga’s arrival. The next two hours was filled with amazing music, non-stop dancing, and was an experience that neither one of us will ever forget!

When the show was over, and thousands poured onto the boardwalk we saw dozens of people hovering around a film crew.  Thinking it was Gaga herself, we followed the crowd.  It wasn’t Gaga, but rather, MTV.  In typical Dawn fashion, I yelled to the reporters that I was with Gaga’s “oldest little monster”   All of a sudden the cameras switched gears and went from interviewing the Gaga groupies to a 10-minute interview with the ultimate Real Cougar, my Mom!   Mama Grace was glowing and the reporters were eating it up. She was spot-on during the interview and had the crowd cheering with excitement! 

So, the next time you have doubt about hitting that trendy new lounge or club, dating that hottie several years your junior, or going against the college wiz- kid for your dream job, think of the 80-something Real Cougar Grandma, and be Cougarlicious at any age!


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