Real Cougar Woman Faces A Crossroad – Which Way To Go?

Linda_Franklin77 Although it might seem we are always caught in the crossfire of our lives, there are certain times when we know we have arrived at a crossroad.  We stare blankly at those two roads and try to decide which path feels more like the right one.  We know that the decision we make is completely up to us, which is powerful, but at the same time pretty daunting. But, Real Cougars always take full responsibility for everything they do so we go for it.

Right now I feel that I am at another one of those inevitable crossroads in my life. If you read my book, Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am, you know I have had at least three or maybe four similar times in my life when my future hinged on a very important decision.  Looking back, I know I made the right decisions then and I hope I will make the right decision now.

In order to put the odds in my favor, I am seeking advice from what I believe to be knowledgeable professionals. I know the final decision is mine, but gathering lots of information, will hopefully give me a broader perspective. Having said that, getting advice has its own perils.  It can be helpful or it can leave your even more confused than ever.  And, then there's the problem of the ego.  For me to say I don't  know makes me feel very vulnerable.  I don't like feeling dumb. Of course, I know those feelings are merely old scratchy records being played in my head, but nevertheless, they still are really painful.

Everyone I speak to tells me I have to decide what my overall goal is and do I want to achieve.  They are not wrong, but as I have gotten older the answers to those questions have become a little more complicated. In my 20s & 30s, it was all about making money and having people think I was smart.  Now, it's more about being happy and being emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.  It may sound corny, but without those two pieces of the puzzle the rest doesn't really matter. 

So, now that I have vented a little bit, I will continue to ponder my choices.  I will get quiet, try to turn off the chatter in my head and see what bubbles up from within.  I am pretty sure, I know what to do but it sure would be nice to get a sign to confirm I am going down the right road.


5 thoughts on “Real Cougar Woman Faces A Crossroad – Which Way To Go?

  1. I think making the decision is a little easier, if we realize, just because we are headed in a new direction, doesn't mean we have only ONE path to follow. There are ups & downs, curves and u-turns, along the way. We become our own stumbling block, because we hate failure, or how we think others will perceive us, if we chose this new path. Bottom line is Linda, most people who are skeptical or pessimistic, are the ones who are jealous of our adventurous spirit. They wouldn't have the courage to do, whatever it is you are about to embark on. It's about believing in ourselves, not other's opinions. If we always do what others want us to do, what is the point of having our own opinions & life. 🙂 I know you will be successful!

  2. When I'm at a very important crossroads, I take time to meditate on the different outcomes. I visualize how each outcome would look and follow my inner knowing and intuition to make the decision. This has never failed me because in the quiet moments of our life is when our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Higher Self can truly guide to the right decision. Brightest Blessings to you Linda! HUGS AND SMILES! Camille F. Romero

  3. Whatever path you choose, I know you will make it successful in the ways that matter most to you. I support whatever you do and will endeavor to help you.

  4. I too have been at a crossroad many times over the past several years…especially as a single-mom. It seems everyone always tells me to follow my head and make the 'smart choice'. Although that sounds good on paper, it is ultimately when we 'follow our heart' that it all seems to make sense.
    Linda, may you follow your heart, & let your passion guide you in the right direction

  5. My dear Linda:
    As I was listening to you speak with Steve Harrison this morning, I visited your website. Needless to say I believe in Steve's work. In the past, when I heard people describe "cougar women" to me I felt repulsed. So the name of your website enticed me to visit it. Negative and Positive and two ends of the same battery. I am so proud that you took what bothered you and did something about it. Congratulations!!! As I was browsing your website I began wondering if you were ever at emotional/spiritual cross roads. I know that the next frontier for financially successful people is their relationship with the self at the deepest emotional and spiritual level. So I am glad that here we are. I know that going within you shall always find. Alone may be hard but it is possible with patience and faith. Faith is not a "I have faith" affair. It means 100% faith all the time. But together we can make it happen: faster, easier and effectively. All you need is a sounding board and a mirror. Love & blessings m'dear!

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