Accessories Can Make Or Break Your Look

Fab after 40 Belts are tricky at any age.  That's why I have gotten us some expert advice on how to wear them so they are flattering to our bodies. My friends over at Fabulous After Forty, Deborah and JoJami, The Glam Gals, always have the most fabulous fashion tips and I love them cause they always look sensational. 

They took this photo of this woman at a daytime networking event. It looks like this fashionista was trying to have some fun with her outfit and wanted to add some fashion flair!  Our experts had this to say:

"She gave it a good try, but unfortunately missed the mark.Belts 1 We are all for showing your creative side, but unfortunately this gold sparkle belt is not flattering or fashionable to wear day or night".

Here's what went wrong.

  • When putting an outfit together, you don’t want all the attention at your midsection.
  • We’ve been seeing large jewels or sequins for daytime, but this belt has  tiny sparkles and therefore looks inexpensive.
  • The casual scarf  (while a hot trend at the moment) is confusing the “look”… a scarf with some shine or gold thread might have pulled her outfit together better.
  • Wide belts usually work best when used to nip in the waist. They are harder to pull off down at the hip, unless you have narrow hips.
  • Belts are best in black or brown. If you opt for gold or silver they should be on the thin side.
  • Too trendy – If you want to be a daring, put your creative fashion feelings in 1 statement piece of jewelry, shoes or handbag. Most of all look in the mirror and if in doubt don’t wear it.
  • Less is more. Leaving off the belt or wearing one that was simpler would have looked much better!

Belt 2 This is a better look.  

Thank you Deborah and JoJami for your tireless efforts to keep all of us Real Cougar chic.


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