Cougar Women and Facebook

LindaFranklin01a After a weekend of trying to set up a new Facebook page, I am surprised I have any hair left on my head.  These techie geniuses don't make it easy.  But I, like all of you Real Cougars, are tenacious and refuse to give up.

Facebook used to offer users a Fan Page – now they don't. It took me hours to figure that out.  I finally discovered that I needed to set up what they now call a Profile Page. That was just the tip of the iceberg.  Everything after that was even more confusing. More hours spent tearing out my hair.   I did have some help from Eric, who does such a magnificent job designing and maintaining this blog, but even he felt challenged. I guess you have to be 12 to understand all the bells and whistles.

Anyway, I am happy to report I am finally making some progress and the new page is up. It's a beginning with lots more coming – I hope.  I would love if you could check it out.  My goal is to set up a conversation and I would love you to join in that conversation.

Shining Service Worldwide is set up for appreciating and supporting our 'combat cougars' – the bravest of the brave.  These fabulous females need our help when they are in service and when they return home.  I am finding out the challenges they face are immense. Through this conversation, we will get a better handle on what their needs are, and be able to extend a helping hand.

Apparently, I need 25 people on this new Facebook page to be able to establish a URL identity.  Who knew?  So please help me achieve that first goal by going to the Facebook page and spreading the word.  Thank you so much.


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