Cougars Wearing Hats That Compliment Their Coifs

Philip pelusiHats have become the must-have accessory this winter – think Jennifer Anniston in a classic newsboy cap or Sarah Jessica Parker in a fedora. We’ve even seen Rihanna rockin’ an earflap hat in faux fur. What’s not in style though is hat hair, and it's hard to avoid. Fortunately, we’ve got solutions, including tips on how to choose the hat that works best with your hairstyle.

Berets - Instead of hugging the head, the berets we’re seeing today are moreBeret2  loose fitting, which helps to eliminate the dreaded hat hair. More good news: These new slouchy berets work with almost any hairstyle, though they look best on longer hair, especially if it’s a bit wavy. To enhance your natural wave, apply a resin-free curl enhancing product to wet hair before air-drying or diffusing. You can also add beachy texture to the hair by choosing a product with organic sugar cane crystals—it will add texture without stiffness. Hair straight as a pin? Not to worry. Just use a large-barrel curling iron before applying product. Try P2 Purely Professional by Philip Pelusi ReCurl and P2 Purely Professional by Philip Pelusi BeachComber

Fedoras – We can thank Mad Men’s Don Draper for bringing the fedora back into fashion, but it’s not justFedora2  guys who are sporting the look. The girls have gotten into the act as well, adding a touch of femininity to the menswear staple by pairing it with a side-parted ponytail, which looks just as good when you doff your fedora. To get the look, you’ll need a bore-bristle paddle brush and a grooming product that will help hold hair in place without stiffness. Look for smoothing ingredients like organic sweet almond oil, Shea butter and olive oil that do wonders for moisture-deprived winter hair. Now, simply create a side part and brush hair into a low ponytail on the opposite side of the head. Voila

Newsboy Newsboy Caps – Similar to the beret, the newsboy or flat cap was popular in Europe and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, worn by everyone from newspaper boys to wealthy golfers. And like the fedora, the newsboy cap has become just as popular with women. Because this type of hat is worn low on the forehead, a ballerina bun helps to open the face up. First, part hair in the center. Next, pull the hair back into a low ponytail that rests at the nape of the neck. You’ll want to use a bore-bristle brush and an organic honey-based smoothing product to smooth and control hair. Twist the ponytail in one direction, wind the hair around to form a bun and secure with hairpins. If you decide to remove your cap later, simply use your fingers to smooth any flyaway’s. To control static, try Tela Beauty Organics Composurewith organic marshmallow root and mountain ladybell. 

Earflap Earflap Hats – It’s hard to imagine a hat that has had to overcome such negative publicity has become so popular. Does Elmer Fudd ring a bell?  Still, the earflap hat, which was traditionally worn by trappers and hunters, is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better to ward off a blast of cold winter air, but they also crush your hair. One solution is to wear the hair half up and half down, a style that looks great while the hat is on but just as great when the hat comes off, which it must if you plan to be indoors for any length of time. Style the hair as usual, then divide it ear-to-ear and twist at the crown of the head. Mist each section of hair with a hair-refreshing product that doubles as a setting spray. Next, secure the hair in front with a hairpin or clip, which will act as a dry set. Use a styling product that’s resin-free so hair is easy to tousle after you take off your hat and remove the clip.

Unfortunately there's a lot of winter left so bundle up and be confident your hair will always look great.  


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