Sexy Earlobes – Are Yours GIving Away Your Age?

Jackie silver 2 Yes, yet another part of the body that gives away your age.  Decades of wearing heavy earrings – pierced or clip-on – can damage your tender earlobes  Have you ever noticed that young women have plump, juicy earlobes while older women's piercings tend to be flat, wrinkled and lined? 

In fact, the writers of the hit show Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen did a whole scene about earlobes. Charlie was complaining that a blind date he was being set up with was over 40, commenting specifically that her earlobes could look old.

I've done my research and here are a few of my Aging Backwards tips for yourthful earlobes: 

  • Extend your skin care. Whatever you're already using on your face and neck can be used on your earlobes.  When you're applying your morning and nightly products, be sure to include the earlobes as well.
  • Select earrings carefully. Whether pierced or clip-on, heavy earrings can weigh down the delicate skin on earlobes, so opt for very light-weight earrings at all times. I only wear earrings when I'm out in public and immediately take them off in private to take the pressure off.

  • Earlobe Rejuvenation.  Ask your doctor about it. They can use injectable fillers to plump up earlobes – removing wrinkles and lines and making them look fuller and more youthful.
  • Lasers.  Check with your doctor about laser treatments for earlobes. Lasers, when used by a qualified professional, cause a contraction of the skin, which plumps the earlobe and removes wrinkles.
  • Try concealer. Concealer isn't just for the under-eye. It's for any problem area on the skin. Dab a tiny bit of concealer on "aging" earlobes, then blend your foundation from your face and neck right onto the earlobes for a smooth transition.
  • Earlobes – small things that can make a big difference in the way you look. 

    For more anti-aging information check out Jackie Silver at


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