Money & Spirit – Crossing The Great Divide

Jacqueline%20joy Money and Spirit is there really a connection between the two?  Many who might not have thought so in the past are beginning to change their minds.  After you have experienced extreme economic stress it can cause you to revamp your thinking around money. 

During times of financial challenge it is very easy to fall out of alignment with your true spirit.  That's where Diamond Alignment comes in.  When you are in "Diamond Alignment" consciousness everything is part of the Divine Energy … including money.  When you think about it, how can money – the most powerful physical influence on the plant not be Divine Energy? 

I talk about the effects of this financial downturn from firsthand experience. For the past past 2 1/2 years I have been in the trenches with everyone else – my own home has been in foreclosure. I know that my Soul is experiencing this challenge because I, through the use of the Diamond Technology, am called to bring light and truth into this challenging time. My mission, as I see it, is to mend the split in consciousness between Spiritual and Material Wealth.

Staying aligned with the Divine is the best way to get through this rough economic time. The work I am doing through the delivery of Diamond Energy Transmissions, is a major way to get an energetic "leg up" of our consciousness around money. For me, well I never lost faith and am now experiencing an upturn in my own financial status. 

Staying open to receive is a major key in creating a breakthrough in financial flow.  When things are as challenging as they have been, the lower human ego naturally "contracts" out of fear, disheartenment and even anger at the Divine for not showing up in the physical. This contraction keeps the flow of the Divine out.

A great way to accelerate your personal breakthrough and receive greater financial flow is to experience the "Special Diamond Packages" titled "Expanding to Receive" and "Financial Flow". These packages include powerful Diamond Transmissions through Tele-Classes, Remote clearings and Diamond Activations to open up your flow. You will be able to listen to the audios and receive the Transmissions as often as you like. You can find these at:

As we all navigate through this transformation keep your vibration high and your energy field clear of the collective fear and denser energies.  Do your Diamond Alignment Activations twice a day online. Together, as a worldwide Diamond Community, we will heal the split between Spiritual and Material Wealth, and create true Wealth of Being in our lives … wealth enjoyed at all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. 

May the Diamond Light your New Year with Joy and Prosperity!

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