Smart Cougars Who Are Stupid With Money

LindaFranklin01a Susan is buried in credit card debt approaching $100,000.  Alice lives in fear of answering the phone and opening the mail.  They feel trapped.  Unfortunately, these women are not isolated cases.  The truth is, too many women let their finances fall into disarray.
These women aren't stupid. They are successful, intelligent, independent women but when it comes to matters of finance they feel helpfless.  They became the victims of  failed marriages, redundancy, the recession, red tape or unfair interest rates.  And, the harder they try to free themselves of their debt, the deeper they sink into the quicksand.

How can so many smart women be so naive when it comes to their money?  What makes them push their heads into the sand in a way that men don't do?  And, the big question is why don't their learn from their mistakes?

Could it be a generational thing? Unlike our mothers, who relied on their husbands and rarely divorced, we are the first generation of women who struck out on our own. The number of women with more than $50,000 of debt jumped by 8% in the past three years, according to a CareOne Debt Relief Services study.

Experts, agree that the worst thing you can do is nothing, By taking that first small step you will be encouraged to keep on going down the road to financial stability. But, first things first.  

Find out what exactly is causing your debt. Once you pinpoint a problem it will be easier to see what life changes you need to make to avoid increasing the amount you owe.

The next step is setting up a budgetby actually sitting down and writing out your finances. If you put your goals in writing they will be easier to stick to. Set a weekly allowance and put your budget in a place where you can see it everyday. Even if you have trouble sticking to your budget there are other simple ways to cut down on spending. For starters, check out a article on how to slash your spending

Remember, there is no impossible situation.  Real Cougars know they can always create a solution. So stop feeling ashamed of yourself and turn those negative thoughts into a positive plan of action.

2 thoughts on “Smart Cougars Who Are Stupid With Money

  1. I would just like to add that many woman fall victim to online dating scams and before they know it they are out thousands of dollars. This is a debt no woman should ever have to experience but it is happening at an alarming rate. Everyday thousands of women around the world especially in English speaking countries are romanced out of their hard earned money and savings.
    You want to talk about being ashamed and feeling stupid, talk to some of us. We have no one to turn to, not our law-enforcement (police) or our governments, not even our families. God forbid our families should find out. We don't even have each other to talk to because who wants to admit or broadcast "I've been scammed out of thousands on a dating site."
    We are not stupid women as you put it. We are victims and today as you read this there will be at least one thousand more victims. You can check this out by contacting the national fraud centre in every country around the world.
    As women we need to help and support each other. We need to help protect and stop others from falling victim to this kind of debt. I am sure if you checked your statistics of how many women are in debt, many of those women have fallen victim to romance scams.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope and pray someone is listening to our cries for help and support.

  2. Great post as always. Like your writing style. I'm going to read your other posts. Thank you for your effort and creating time to write…

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