Real Cougars Love Gifts From The Heart

 Christmas kissing

As much as guys think they know us, they need help when it comes to giving their special lady a special gift. They don't realize it but the gifts we cherish the most are the ones given from the heart.  Small loving gestures that show us just how much we are appreciated.  

Here are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices cranking.

  • a very personal email three times a week just to say you are thinking of her
  • a note left in the morning telling her to meet you for a sexy rendezvous that evening
  • give up one Sunday afternoon football game and do something fun together
  • take over one of the household chores (you choose)
  • start taking better care of your health – join a gym – you get brownie points for that one
  • listen to her without trying to solve her problem – she loves knowing she's being heard
  • turn one of her sexual fantasies into a reality - how much fun would that be! 

These gifts from the heart will keep the spark alive all year round.  And, she just might want to return the favor on Valentine's day.

Happy Holidays!


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