Cougar Women Getting Their Faces Fit For The Holidays

Cynthia rowland Over the holidays we see friends and relatives we might not have seen for a long time. And, I know I am always a little surprised to see how their faces have aged since the last time we visited with each other. Their bodies may not be showing wear and tear because they are working out.  But oh that face!

When we look into the mirror we are so critical of every little flaw.  We focus on the bag, the sag and the newest wrinkle.  That's why so many run to get botox, wrinkle fillers, or even a face lift.  All of those treatments are invasive and very expensive.  That's why, over 20 years go, I created a better way to look fabulous at any age.

The solution to a youthful face is facial exercise.  Using contraction and resistance you can reclaim the face that you had years ago. Just like exercise works for your body, you can now apply the same principles to your facial muscles and they will respond by plumping up, filling out your skin and repositioning so you look younger and healthier.

By taking action right now, in less than six weeks your friends and family will see a visible difference in your appearance. You will know immediately after beginning the regimen that your muscles are responding to this type of conditioning; you will feel the tightening and the lifting every time you perform the movements.

This means that cheek muscles will plump, your eyes will open, your forehead will feel tighter, your mouth muscles will become stronger so your lower mouth will not look jowly and your double chin will become less apparent. This and more as you take control of the return of youthfulness to your face and neck.

In just minutes a day, you can create subtle changes that will turn into lasting results. In the privacy of your home, using only your thumbs and fingers, you have the power to reshape and contour your face so that you look younger and younger without surgery, injections or risky procedures.

For information on my Facial Magic System and all of my cutting-edge beauty products just click on the box to the right of this posting. 

Take some time to feel better about yourself – you deserve it.



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