Military Cougar Karen McIntire Shares Her Afghanistan Experience

Pictures last 6 mos 258 Here I am again on another assignment that I volunteered for, a 53 year old mother of 3 adult children and Nana to 4 grandchildren

I arrived at Camp Eggers, Afganistan in May of 2010 dressed in my ACU’s, a cavalar (helmet) , IOTV (bullet proof vest), my 9M on my hip and ruck sack on my back, to a small FOB (Forward Operating Base) near the city of Kabul.  It was hectic as we were being shuttled via MRAPS (military uparmored vehicles) to the base.  We were unloading all of our equipment that was on the plane with us out of the trucks.  I was smart and brought a luggage carrier to transport our 4 C-bags (green military bags) to our quarters which was a good hike from where we unloaded from.
Once we arrived at our rooms little did we know we had such of anPictures last 6 mos 367  undertaking.  The rooms were filthy, men had lived in them, stuck god only knows what on the walls, which by the way are paneling.  So we decided we would just work on it tomorrow and boy did we.  It took us nearly 4 hours to clean it, one bottle of bleach and another bottle of Mr Clean.  Then we were ready to unpack our stuff and get settled in.  Little did I realize that my mother had already shipped the boxes of creature comfort things over and they were waiting in the mail room for me to pick them up, all 14 of them.


In the boxes were bedding, health care products, pictures of my family, and a stuffed dog that my grandchildren had purchased as a Christmas gift so that I wouldn’t miss my 120 pound Labrador named Rusty.  It took me 4 days to get that stuff unpacked and put away but we were finally settled. 


Ready to start our mission

2 thoughts on “Military Cougar Karen McIntire Shares Her Afghanistan Experience

  1. How did she get to volunteer I would love to do something over there – I love and appreciate all of our men and women in the service. What assignment did she volunteer for?

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