Becky Wenner’s Holiday Travel Tip

Becky Wenner Thanksgiving is days away!  The holiday season is here in full force and that means lots of parties and lots of food. Many of us travel to visit friends family and faraway places this time of year. But, don't let being away from home and your normal routine prevent you from exercising.

One of my favorite ways to keep up an expercise routine is the use of  resistance bands.  They are great tools which are often overlooked when at the gym.  Bands are inexpensive, light and easy to carry in luggage.  And, a change in your regular exercise routine, will often yield visible results!  What’s better than that?  Getting more fit while on the road?   

If you're not sure how to use the bands, check out my sample routine.  It's designed to give you a challenging total body workout.

WARM UP AND STRETCH– 10 minute warm up jog

Please perform each of the following exercises for 3 sets of 12 reps in circuit form.  There are 3 circuits here- go through the first- performing each exercise for 12 reps then repeat the entire group of exercises 3x.  You will then move on to second circuit, perform 3x and move on from there.  I have provided links to video demonstrations for each exercise listed in case you do not know how to execute the move.

Circuit #1:

Walking Side Squat with Resistance Band

Bicep Curl with a Resistance Band

Tricep Overhead Extension with Resistance Band

Shoulder Overhead Press with Resistance Band

Circuit #2:

Walking Side Squat with Resistance Band

Squat with Resistance Band

Front Raise with a Resistance Band

Lat Pull Down with Resistance Bands

Circuit #3

Walking Side Squat with Resistance Band

Reverse Lunge with Resistance Band

Hammer Curl with a Resistance Band

Reverse Flye with a Resistance Band

Upright Row with Resistance Bands


Have a happy and a healthy holiday.


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