Sexual Satisfaction and How Real Cougars Are Getting Back Their Sizzle

Mary and rachel We hear it all the time -  sex has lost it's sizzle. In fact, loss of sexual desire has reached reached epidemic proportions in this country.  That's why Mary and I recently sponsored a symposium inviting health editors of leading consumer publications  to hear the latest findings released by internationally recognized sexual health, wellness and relationship experts.  Their cutting-edge research revealed some interesting reasons why Americans are experiencing, what Dr.Mehmet Oz has identified as a “sexual famine”.  

Dr. Susan Kellogg, internationally recognized sex and wellness authority, explored the neurochemistry behind sexual response.   According to Kellogg, new experiences in which we engage in with partners (including activities that may be new or induce excitement or a sense of quasi-danger) can help to activate chemicals in the brain….notably dopamine and norepineprine.  The result is that couples feel more romantically exhilarated. Another chemical..oxytocin…generally released upon sexual stimulation and orgasm….can heighten romantic and sexual response, too.

In the most recent national sex study published released in September, the truth about women and orgasms was revealed.   Men’s perceptions of women reaching orgasm did not match reality.  Women were having fewer orgasms than men imagined.

The co-author of two books on orgasms, Dr. Barry Komisauruk, a neurobehaviorist, Rutgers University Professor, shared some of his ground-breaking developments linked to activating orgasms.   He revealed how the brain is closely related to female sexual response…and essential for achieving orgasm.  The part of the brain that receives sensory signals from the genital region can be activated not only by physical stimulation but by just thinking of those specific body parts being stimulated.

But how can  women voluntarily intensify their sexual response and think their brain into greater activation to facilitate orgasms?   According to his research,  thinking of stimulation of parts of the body actually activates its corresponding homucular regions of the sensory cortex of the brain.    With the help of scanners, he showed women’s brain activity in real time.   He believes that when women see their own brain activity, it may be possible to make a change in the way they feel or the way they move, underscoring the contribution this new technique in real time brain image may have for the future.

Both Mary and I agree, that at last women are discovering new ways to revitalize their sex lives and experience sexual satisfaction on their own terms.   


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