Healthy Hair Is Essential To Your Signature Look

Philip pelusi Take a close look at your hair.  Is it as healthy as it can be? Does it feel silky, does it shine, or is it dull and lifeless? Just like that cashmere sweater you baby, your hair is a fabric too. And just like cashmere, it requires lots of  tender loving care to look its best.

If you are wearing your hair long, start your hair makeover by choosing a hair care line that’s rich in antioxidants and strengthening proteins like my Tela Beauty Organics  

If you prefer a short style, make sure you can pull it off.  Halle Barre is a goodHalle barre  example of having a short do that works.  If you have good bone structure and you’re generally fit, short hair can be just as sexy as long hair. A great haircut is key though if you’re going to go short so make sure you find a hairdresser who has a reputation for doing killer cuts. It might cost a bit more, but it‘s worth it in the long run.

A good rule of thumb when choosing a new hairstyle is to avoid bangs that are too short or too straight across. You also want hair to have a bit of movement.

Yes, we all agree that January Jones looks gorgeous in Mad Men, but helmet head went out decades ago. Choose products that groom and control the hair without stiffness or stickiness. And if you’re going out for a night on the town, avoid up dos that look too structured or formal. That means no prom hair, period. Believe me, it won’t make you look 17 again. Try a low chignon instead and leave a few pieces of hair out around the face.

Hair color can contributes to a more youthful and vibrant look. The trick is to steer clear of color that’s too dark or too solid. My advice is to consult a beauty professional who can customize color to suit your haircut, face shape, skin tone and eye. It’s important to get the right base or all-over shade. Then you can add highlights to create lightness around the face and throughout the hair.

To choose the right shade of highlights, take a look at photos of yourself when you were around two to five years old. Mixing lighter and darker pieces adds dimension and actually makes the hair appear thicker, a plus since hair tends to thin as we age.

The key is to think chic, sophisticated and feminine. And remember, no matter which style you choose, the quality of your hair plays a major role in what you can pull off so take good care of it.




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