Cougar Women Rejuvenating Their Faces For The Holidays

Cynthia rowlandOMG! You just caught a glimpse of your face and saw the most distressing sight – a sagging chin, droopy eyelids, and vanishing lips. That's not the face you want to show off for the upcoming holidays is it?  So what can you do to reverse the aging process that is safe, effective and won't break the bank?

The answer is simple - exercise your face!   

Exercise tightens the muscles in your arms, legs, buttocks and tummy. Facial muscles need exercise. They soften, droop and sag from lack of exercise too.  When your forehead muscle atrophies, your eyebrows drop and eyelids become lined. And the cheeks, jowls and neck start to collapse too.   

I want to be very clear about facial exercise – they are not squints, puckers or scrunched up contortions. They are isometrics with resistance type movements that will absolutely help that aging face look younger than you thought possible in just a few short weeks.

Upper eyes, forehead, upper cheeks, mid face, lower mouth, jaw and more will lift, tighten and tone which means your face will look younger and younger the more you do them.  That wattle that was trying to have a toe-hold under your chin will flatten, tired eyes will appear brighter as the eye brows lift and your forehead will smooth. Facial magic

When these muscles firm and lift, the youthful contours of your face return and the skin looks younger, healthier and fresher.

It's not too late to get started.  Every woman wants to be a shining star at her holiday parties. So now is the time to get started. Just click here to find out more about Facial Magic and how it will become your new BFF.


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