Matt Titus Has 4 Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Matt titus Men Love with Their Eyes – Initially, a man is driven by whatever he finds visually appealing. Men are not approaching you because you look intelligent, kind or secure. Remember, if he likes what he sees, he’s going to go after it.

Men Do Not Want Female Friends – If they do want to "be friends" they have already, probably attempted to be intimately involved with you. Most likely they failed at the attempt, so the friendship thing is a way to expedite their exit from your life. But, that is not the only reason. If a guy first approaches you to be his friend, he is most likely not sexually attracted to you, and that is not likely to change.

Men Do Not Know What They Want – Most of their actions are driven on impulse, so if we get what we want too soon, we lose interest. If we don’t get what we want immediately, it becomes a challenge. The rule is to make a man wait! If you give yourself to him on the first date, he’ll be gone by the second.

The Male Species is the Most Easily Intimidated Species on the Planet – Your successes, female strength, and intellect can be liabilities with the wrong guy because he will be scared of you. Successful women often have a hard time finding a man, because not all of them can deal with a brilliant, driven woman. You must find a man who embraces who you are and what you do, if you don’t, you will be compromising forever.



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