Dr. Oz Says “Americans Are Experiencing A Sexual Famine”

Mary and rachel

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, we are not living to our fullest potential. This is because Americans are experiencing a sexual famine. That’s right. Despite all the media hype, we are starved for sex. especially sex that is linked to real intimacy.

The research we do at Semprae confirms that Dr. Oz is right. Women are investing their time and effort in so many areas, but unfortunately, their sexual satisfaction takes a back seat to all of the other demands.

We want big houses, new cars, and are obsessed with collecting shoes.  In fact, on average, women own 19 pairs of shoes, with 15% of women owning at least 30 pairs, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Group.  And, we are logging more hours at work than any other nation on earth to pay for all this feasting. 

Dr Oz says "we’re not having sex anymore and we’re not doing things that bring us joy. People need sex, which is a predictor of human longevity and health,” he maintains.   Naysayers dispute his contention, pointing to popular culture’s obsession with sex and women reporting a rise in multiple sex partners.  But stack us up with the rest of the world, and sex is an area where Americans fall short.

While Americans are obsessed with their children, their education, keeping their jobs and maintaining their homes, for many committed couples, sex is often last on their list.   On average, Americans have sex once a week. Australians average twice a week and Europeans even more than that.

According to Dr. Oz, sex is “sacred to human existence and key to optimizing health.  He is so committed to helping Americans understand their relationship with sex he is conducting a nationwide sex survey to understand sexual practices in the United States.    This month, he will reveal the findings, what he calls “the shocking truth about sex in America.”

As Real Cougars you know the importance of a healthy, vibrant sex life.  Let's help Dr. Oz take America from the famine back into joys of feasting. 


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